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    Pigeon Caught With Nearly 200 Euphoria Tablets Connected To Its Back

    Drug dealers will do anything to make sure their product reaches their customers– barriers be damned. Some have actually even turned to utilizing pigeons to do their grunt work.

    It’s typically stated excellent assistance is tough to find and if you’re dabbling in the seedy underbelly of contraband consumables the sentiment can call quite real. It is most likely why these particular drug smugglers recruited some fine feathered pals, because if they get captured they will not screech to save their own skin (or feathers).

    It was certainly the case for one pigeon who had their wings clipped (metaphorically, not literally) after it was brought into a police headquarters after it was found with almost 200 ecstasy tablets.

    The pigeon was officially jailed (I kid you not) after cops discovered it was transferring more than 170 ecstasy tablets in between Kuwait and Iraq via a makeshift backpack.

    Inning accordance with The Mirror, carrier pigeons were being used as an easier and risk-free option for trafficking drugs. This specific pigeon had the regrettable benefit of being gotten by the custom-mades border at Kuwait.

    Conveniently, authorities discovered the air-borne drug smuggler flying above the customs department’s building. This cannot be a coincidence, maybe the drug dealers (or the bird) were being too positive and got reckless, or possibly the pigeon was attempted of its life of crime and turned the drugs over to the authorities in hopes of clemency.

    Photos of the bird with the ecstasy pills on the desk were taken after it was positioned under arrest (again I ‘d just like to explain authorities arrested a pigeon).

    You may be surprised to discover this isn’t the very first time a bird has been caught attempting to smuggle drugs, in 2015 a bird was caught after it attempted to smuggle drug and marijuana into a prison.

    If you believe utilizing birds is an innovative method of smuggling illegal narcotics, it’s got absolutely nothing on what measure the Mexican cartels would go tosimply to get

    their drugs into America. Inning accordance with a report in November 2017, cartels have actually been using ‘makeshift bazookas’ to fire cannabis over the US border. reported a ‘tubular system with a compressor’ had actually been discovered inside a small van which Mexican authorities thought was used to shoot the drug bundles over the border into US area.

    … a range of techniques utilized to send out contraband over the International Boundary Fence’ with the most typical ‘lobbing softball-sized packages of cannabis over the fence.

    A statement released by the US Customs and Border Security declared:

    Eric Feldman, an Assistant Unique Representative in charge for Homeland Security Investigations told the BBC World Service Questions program: The cartels are always looking for a guaranteed way to cross narcotics into the United States and an advanced tunnel can permit them to cross massive loads. Last month we interdicted a tunnel in San Diego and took more than 10 tonnes of marijuana.

    Compare that to sending 4 men throughout with 30 pounds of marijuana on their backs, who need to browse the mountains, avert Border Patrols and arrange delivery– you can see the difference in revenue.

    We’ve seen a range of clever efforts to disguise entrances, whatever from swimming pool tables, electrical panels, hydraulic bath tubs, elevators. We saw an exit point in the United States where each time they came through the opening, they filled it with concrete, painted it and re-carpeted it. That’s focus on detail.

    I’m quite sure these methods weren’t mentioned in the Well-known B.I.G’s 10 Crack Rules.

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    Here is the list of benefits, why taking naps is good for your health

    Power naps the name says it all. Here’s a list of all the health benefits of a Power naps.


    Napping is perfectly natural for mammals and is even part of the work culture in China.(As long as it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to an hour, a nap benefits our health in lots of methods. It’s perfectly natural for mammals and is even part of the work culture in China. Why not make the most of the warm, unwinding weather to have a little snooze after lunch? Here’s a list of all the advantages of a short siesta.

    Healthy Heart

    A nap is advantageous for the heart because it lowers high blood pressure and allows the cardiovascular system to recover. Two hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin, which help to keep the body awake, stimulate the heart rate. A Greek scientific research study in 2007 revealed that a habitual 30-minute nap (three times a week) lowered the threat of death by heart failure by over 30%. Attempt it out this summer season to enhance your sports performance.

    Creativity At its Peak

    By enhancing attention, memory and alertness, a nap promotes creativity and assists with resolving hard problems. It is essentially obligatory in Japan, and other countries are starting to understand its advantages. Employees who rest at the beginning of the afternoon are more efficient and come up with new concepts more quickly. A summertime nap is ideal for charging your batteries and will pay dividends when you go back to work. Migraines and muscular/joint discomfort can be enhanced by a brief sleep

    Recovering Lost Sleeps

    Chronic sleeping disorders, sleepiness, and sleep financial obligation are all part of modern life. There’s nothing like a power nap to catch up if you didn’t get enough sleep last night. And contrary to popular belief, a nap does not avoid you from sleeping the next night( as long as it doesn’t last longer than an hour ). In fact, it helps nocturnal sleep. It’s the perfect method to remain alert and in a great mood up until the evening.

    Immunity Improvement

    An absence of sleep impacts antiviral proteins produced by the immune system. And sleep deprivation is related to lower resistance to infections. Even a brief nap restores the levels of hormonal agents and proteins which help combat tension, thereby improving our body immune system. Nap to your heart’s material this summertime, so you’ll have the ability to eliminate colds and viruses in the fall.

    Perfect Non Drug Treatment

    An ideal non-drug treatment The French National Institute of Sleep and Caution (InSV) considers sleep to be a non-drug treatment with analgesic effects. Migraines and muscular/joint discomfort can be improved by a brief sleep. The InSV says that sleeping could reduce the need for medicines such as antihypertensives(a treatment for high blood pressure), stimulants and vitamins. Much better to take 40 winks this summer season rather of a mixed drink of dietary supplements in the fall.

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    Best Healthy Alternatives to White Sugar


    Aside from ruining your teeth, the consumption of refined sugar is frowned upon by lots of due to the numerous negative effects it has on the health. It’s something that can sap your energy, hinder brain performance, and put you at risk of weight problems, cancer, heart problem and metabolic syndrome.

    If you believe that reaching for sweetening agents is a wonderful concept, think again. Medical experts state that these chemicals are simply as bad as refined sugar. In reality, specific research studies have revealed that using sweetening agents can worsen the ill effects of refined sugar on your body and mind.

    Fortunately, you do not need to reside in a world lacking sweet taste as there are various healthy alternatives to refined sugar. All of them come straight from nature and can making treats and beverages taste terrific. Continue reading to know some of the items that can add sweetness to your life without putting your health in peril.

    Raw Honey

    Aside from in fact being sweeter than refined sugar, honey likewise supplies your body with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that counter free radicals. Raw honey is likewise understood to enhance the body immune system and promote a healthy digestion. It’s true that it loads more calories than routine sugar, but you’ll be utilizing less of honey due to the fact that it is sweeter. It’s recommended for you to go with naturally and locally produced raw honey.

    Palm Jaggery

    Palm Jaggery is another best alternative to White sugar. It has been prepared from the extracts of Palm trees, which contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in abundance. It has many medicinal abilities like purifying blood, regulates the liver functions ,It speeds up the digestion by activating the digestive enzymes. It itself changes to acetic acid in the stomach, resulting in smooth digestion. Palm jaggery reduces the strain on the digestive tract and intestines, there by stimulating bowel movements and relieves constipation.

    Pure Maple Syrup

    When shopping, always try to find the word “pure”. This implies that the item includes just the vaporized sap of the maple tree– no colorants, flavorings and corn syrup. Rich in zinc and manganese pure maple syrup might be utilized for cooking. You may likewise select maple sugar which is simply dehydrated pure maple syrup.

    Coconut Sugar

    It’s comparable to the brown sugar when it concerns the taste and look. However, the best thing about coconut sugar is it contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. Coconut sugar is particularly excellent for diabetics because it consists of inulin, a type of fiber that helps manage glucose level in the blood. Going with coconut sugar is highly recommendable specifically if you like whipping up all sorts of sweet and yummy baked deals with.


    Thick and dark, it’s evidently not as quite as refined sugar. The good thing about molasses, which is in fact the spin-off of sugar cane processing to produce refined sugar, is it consists of iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and copper– none of which can be discovered in refined sugar. The drawback to molasses is it includes high level of fructose.


    Finally, there’s stevia– an herb stemming from South America and is understood to be 300 times sweeter than real sugar. Instead of being marketed as “sweetening agent”, stevia is actually understood as a “dietary supplement”. Aside from buying the product in powdered form, you may really grow the stevia plant in your garden. There is no processing needed– just choose a leaf, crush it, and contribute to coffees, teas and other beverages that could utilize some sweetening.


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    How to Whiten Teeth Without Destroying The Enamel

    It has been proven that the traditional practices of Teeth Whitening will reduce the longevity of our teeth. Dangers of chlorine dioxide bleaching has been thoroughly investigated by Dental Specialist Linda Greenwall. She argues “these chlorine dioxide treatments are advertised as safe for teeth. It is certainly not the case.”

    Linda explains that these chlorine dioxide method of whitening teeth will cause the very serious and irreparable damage to our tooth enamel. Linda listed out the damages of chlorine dioxide teeth whitening process.
    Etching of teeth
    Loss of tooth lustre
    Teeth appearing more discoloured
    Teeth absorbing more stains than before
    Teeth feeling rough
    Teeth more sensitive
    Teeth permanently sensitive.
    Linda Greenwall also states that this process of teeth whitening will cause some health problems too. So be wise in choosing the method of teeth whitening process. It is known that prevention is better than cure, so we can avoid the items which are cause for these yellow teeth like coffee, tea, cigarettes etc.,

    Here are the list of whitening practices which are good for both teeth and the enamel
    1. Oil Pulling

    3000-year-old traditional practice of Oil pulling is best in Teeth whitening process. It also cleanses and detoxifies the Body. Oil Pulling significantly reduced plague, improved gum health and gingivitis. Oil pulling is effective as good mouthwash.

    How to Do

    Traditionally sesame oil is used for oil pulling due to its high concentration of omega 6 so Coconut oil is recommended.

    Take a tablespoon full of Coconut oil and swish it in your mouth
    Do swish it through teeth, tongue for 20 minutes Do not swallow!
    Once Oil turns thin and white spit it out.
    This process allows the oil to “pull out” bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other debris from your mouth.
    Rinse your mouth with water
    Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in your mouth, and these germs and their toxic waste products can contribute to plaque accumulation and tooth decay. Oil pulling removes these germs from spreading further into the body.

    2. Baking Soda

    Baking soda has a really low Relative Dentin Abrasivity, or RDA, score. The scale goes from 0 (no abrasive) to 269 (high abrasive), with baking soda ranking in at just 7.
    How to use:

    Use a high-quality baking soda such as Duda Energy.

    1. Take a pinch of baking soda and put it into a small glass or bowl.
    2. Add a small amount of purified water (ideally not tap water) to the bowl and mix it with the baking soda. The solution should be slightly runny, as you don’t want too many of the granules present. Dip your toothbrush in to get some of the solutions on the brush.
    3. Brush your teeth, starting with your molars and then moving to the facings and backs of your teeth.
    4. Optional: Once done, you can add some more water to the glass or bowl and swish it around your mouth. This will help keep your mouth alkaline.
    5. Rinse out your mouth with purified water as you normally would after brushing.

    Other people place baking soda directly on their toothbrush and begin with the front teeth. When the solution is mixed with saliva it becomes liquid.

    3. Clay

    White kaolin clay has a low abrasive score and is effective as both a polish and stain remover. It is also high in calcium, silica, zinc, and magnesium, and safe for people with tooth sensitivity.

    How to use:

    Apply it directly onto your toothbrush, starting with your front teeth and then, as it mixes with your saliva, moving on to the rest of the mouth.

    You can also combine this with baking soda.

    4. Activated Charcoal

    Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body but is itself highly absorbent, allowing it to easily remove toxins without harming the body. It is fantastic for people who have had a bout of food poising or have accidentally ingested something toxic. If you take this within 30 minutes of ingestion you should see results, but do not take it with other vitamins or supplements, as it will absorb those as well.

    Be aware that while it can remove stains from teeth, it does stain clothes, tiles, counters, etc. It can also cause constipation and block mineral absorption, and should not be mixed with dairy. These are warnings in the case that you do ingest it.

    How to use:

    Wet your toothbrush and dip it into the charcoal. Put the charcoal covered toothbrush in the mouth (quickly to protect your sink) and brush in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes. Spit carefully and rinse really well. You can also mix the charcoal with water and swish with it for two minutes.

    You can also combine this with oil pulling.

    5. Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide

    It’s important to dilute peroxide to between 1% and 1.5% concentration at the very most. Anything higher will damage your teeth, even a mere 3%.

    Our body produces hydrogen peroxide primarily in the lungs, gut, and thyroid gland, and the presence of hydrogen peroxide calls the immune system to an injury. This may explain how diluted hydrogen peroxide aids someone who is fighting gum disease.

    How to use:

    Again, use a very low concentration and swish around the teeth for 3-5 minutes.

    6. Turmeric

    Just like activated charcoal, you need to be careful about where your turmeric lands! It will stain everything, including your toothbrush, so you may even need to have a designated turmeric brush. But we promise — it won’t stain your teeth!

    Turmeric has extensive medicinal properties, including as a digestive aid and an anti-inflammatory. It has even been said to help prevent certain types of cancers.

    How to use:

    Wet your toothbrush and then dip it in 1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder. Brush teeth as normal, but instead of rinsing when you’re done, allow the turmeric to sit on your teeth for 3-5 minutes. Follow this with a regular brushing to get rid of any excess yellow buildup.

    You can also try this combo: 2 parts turmeric powder to 1 part coconut oil and 1 part baking soda. Mix together to form a paste, and keep in a cool place (coconut oil is liquid at around 74-76 degrees).

    When using natural healing methods, it’s essential to remember that change does not happen overnight. If you want to get your teeth looking whiter naturally, you need to first understand that this will take time. Give yourself at least a month of combining the practices listed above with limiting discolouration factors (coffee, tea, red wine, smoking) and judge from there if this is working for you.

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    This Is What Happens When You Wrap Your Teeth In Aluminum Foil For An Hour

    This is incredible. Watch what happens when he takes the aluminum foil off his teeth after an hour At first, it may look crazy. But putting aluminum foil on your teeth is actually the best way to whiten teeth.

    Step 1

    Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and put it into a small container. Level the powder in the spoon and then add to not have excess of it.

    Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent which works wonders for the skin.



    Step 2

    To the baking soda add a pinch of salt.


    Step 3

    Now add few drops of water into the same container. Mix the three ingredients to form a paste. Add water carefully so that the mixture is not diluted. It should be enough to form a thick and a consistent paste.


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    A 1-Minute Routine To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain is a very common issue these days and it can happen to every one of us. The physical inactivity, sedimentary lifestyle and unhealthy life habits can lead to excruciating back pain even if you’re healthy and have no genetic predisposition for these kind of problems.

    Whatever the reason, lower back issues are also pretty hard to treat. When you feel shoulder pain, a simple massage can do the trick and relieve your pain, but when it comes to lower back pain it’s a bit trickier. That’s why foam rollers are amazing for this problem. If you suffer from excruciating pain and just can’t eliminate it no matter what you do, grab a foam roller and watch the video below. Lauren Roxburgh will show you some easy moves to relieve chronic back pain.



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    Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Pills If You Have Any Of These 15 Problems

    There’s no question that aside from plain water, lemon water is one of the most beneficial natural drinks for proper body function. For one thing, lemon water is full of antioxidants, protein, B and C vitamins, phosphorus, volatile oils, potassium, flavonoids, and carbohydrates. We can say that the immune system benefits the most from this amazing health-boosting beverage because it has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.

    Lemon water is a real storehouse of nutrients including magnesium, vitamins, pectin, calcium, bioflavonoids, limonene, and citric acid, which make it highly effective against viral and bacterial infections.

    To reap most of the benefits lemon water provides, it’s best to drink it in the morning. This will cleanse your body of toxins, improve digestion, promote healthy weight loss, curb appetite and unhealthy cravings, and restore alkaline environment in the body.

    Drinking lemon water in the morning is more beneficial than medicines when it comes to these 15 health issues:

    1. Inflammation

    Acidity is the primary cause of inflammation in tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of lemons counterbalance acidity.

    2. Gall Bladder

    Pain inflicted from gall bladder stones can considerably be reduced by drinking lemon water while eating.

    3. Immune System

    Lemon water stimulates the function of the lymphatic system, which works together with our immune system.

    4. Flu and Cold

    Lemon boosts your immune system and has many antiviral and antibacterial properties due to its high content of vitamin C, which makes it the ultimate remedy for flu and colds.

    5. Kidney Stones

    Lemons contain potassium which increases citrates in your urine, thus preventing the formation of oxalate.

    6. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    TUMS can be replaced with lemon water.

    7. Weight loss

    Lemon water is especially beneficial for maintaining healthy weight as well as balancing your blood sugar. The pectin in lemon water wards off cravings, thus reducing your appetite throughout the day.

    8. Colitis

    Colitis is an imbalance of the acid/alkaline levels in the body and lemon water balances your pH levels.

    9. Alcohol Cravings

    Drink lemon water at parties and keep the alcohol craving at bay.

    10. Fibromyalgia

    Pain inflicted from fibromyalgia can also be soothed with lemon water. You can spice it up with yoga stretches for better results.

    11. Food-Borne Illnesses

    Prevent food poisoning with lemon water.

    12. Joint Pain and Swelling

    As lemon water stimulates the decrease of uric acid in joints, it also reduces inflammation. People with arthritis can particularly benefit from it.

    13. Muscle Soreness

    After a vigorous workout, drinking lemon water can significantly reduce muscle pain.

    14. Finger Nail Health

    Lemon water strengthens your nails as well as removes the white spots that appear on nails from time to time.

    15. Acne

    Drinking lemon water in the morning will regulate the acidic temperature of your body, thus preventing these irritating breakouts.

    Via naturaldietlife.com

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    10 Instances When Bollywood actress Bare It all

    Being Naked , is just a no no for Indian films. Despite the fact that we’re within the 21st millennium, a couple of things continue to be prohibited to move in the Censor Table, the most effective being nudity. Despite the fact that the Censor panel has its scissors prepared to create the reductions usually, even the uncut and or some unintended exposures do ensure it is towards the market somehow. So below, we gather a few of the many questionable and greatest moments in with stars who bared everything on display!

    1) Preeti Gupta- Unfreedom (2014)

    Unfreedom in part is a story about  a closeted lesbian in New Delhi kidnaps her bisexual lover with the intent to love. Lots of dare bare acts here and the movie was banned in India.


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    Get Rid Of Varicose Veins With The Most Effective Natural Recipe

    Although generally related to old age, varicose veins are a common health issue for people of all ages. It affects both men and women, though it has higher prevalence among the female population. There are a number of factors that lead to weakened blood vessels and these include long periods of standing, wearing uncomfortable shoes, pregnancy, genetics, and last, but, not least, unhealthy diet based mostly on sugar and fattening foods.

    The most important step you should take to prevent blood vessel dilatation is to increase your vitamin C intake.

    If you’re already dealing with varicose veins, the all-natural recipe we recommend here is the thing you need.


    What you need:

    • ½ cup chopped carrot
    • 3 tbsps. aloe vera gel
    • ½ cup apple cider vinegar

    What you do:

    Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients in a food processor. If you need more of the paste, double or triple the amount of each ingredient. Apply the paste on the affected areas and let it act for half an hour. If your varicose veins are on your legs, it’s recommended to keep your legs raised after applying the paste.

    Finish by removing the paste with warm water. Repeat the treatment as many times a day as you feel necessary.

    This recipe provides high efficacy because of its ingredients.

    For one thing, carrots are rich in antioxidants, and therefore are used in many skin care products. They can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

    Apple cider vinegar is particularly effective as a blood thinner that prevents the formation of clots.

    Last, but not least, aloe vera gel has long been part of natural medicine in treatment of many ailments, including skin inflammation.

    Via healthytipsworld.net

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    12 Amazing Little Things You’ll Want For Your Home

    12 Adorable Little Things You’ll Want For Your Home

    There are lots of innovative people around that me impress using improvements and their projects. We leave-in the planet that’s complete with distinctive styles and various projects. If they may be utilized in the home but because of our viewpoint the small issues are cute and especially. Here are probably the many cute small items that consider our interest and also the most incredible. These specific things may be used athome as well as their makers are the most popular developers. Have a look !

    The ’Yolkpig’ egg separator



    A whale-themed colander



    A walrus-shaped tea strainer



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